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Make 2022 the year you finally break through!
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December 30, 2021 
10 am-noon EST

Do plan to set goals for 2022?

Do you want 2022 to be your breakthrough year?

Make more money?
Get that business off the ground?
Get fit?
Have an amazing marriage?

Of course you do. 

But here's the problem...

You’re busy!

So, like most people, you never get around to it.

Or maybe you're not even sure where to start!

Here's your solution...

I'm hosting a virtual goal setting work session
on December 30.  

What’s a virtual goal setting session?

Let me tell you what it isn't...

This is NOT a webinar where some supposed expert 
spouts off what you should be doing.

This NOT a workshop where you get a bunch of materials 
but then none of it ever sticks.

Here's what it is.

For two hours, you and I are actually going to be DOING the work TOGETHER in a virtual small group setting LIVE.

Pretty cool, right?! I'm really excited about this.

You might be thinking,
"But I should be able to do this on my own."

I used to think the same thing. But when I learned that every high performer in the world has or has had a coach, it hit me.

I should too!

It's like this secret weapon that successful people have 
that they don't ever talk about.

You're probably wondering what it costs.

How much would you pay to finally figure out the secret to setting meaningful goals that stick?

How much would you pay to accomplish just ONE of your big goals let alone multiple goals?

How about $100?

Well, cut that in half and that's the price. $47.


"Why would Jim charge so low? 
There must be a catch!"

You're right. 
Actually, there are two.

Catch #1
By giving you an opportunity to work with me in a small group setting for 2 hours for next to nothing compared to what I normally charge, I hope you decide you want more.

So that will force me to over-deliver for you.

Catch #2
To be honest, I need some help.

I'm developing a new course and I want to give you results so that I can get a testimonial from you.

AGAIN, this forces me to over-deliver.

This is going to force me to give away my best stuff 
practically for free.

My goal is to give you an experience that would be WORTH 10x what you pay for it.

Even if I fail and it's only worth 5 times what you paid for it, 
you'll still get amazing results.

Even if it's only worth 2 times what you paid, 
you're still going to get real results.

If not, you get your money back.

Here's what a few of last year's attendees said...

"This session was a catalyst to help me bring my dreams to reality"

Jonny McCreary

"This workshop had a huge impact on my year!"

-David Pulcini
Managing Partner
Six Point Financial Partners

"The process Jim takes you through creates an excitement and a clearer vision for your goals. This is a no-brainer for anyone considering signing up."

-JJ Lurken
Senior Wealth Advisor

"I'm a better dad, better husband, better employee, and much more after achieving focus and clarity on what I really want to do with my life. Without his guidance, I would have wasted another year. I can't wait for 2022!"

-Ryan Rendfrey
Marketing Specialist
Polymer Solutions International

Obviously, this is not about the money for me.

It's $47 so that's not going to change my life 
but will very likely change yours.

"But Jim, I know how to set goals 
but my situation is unique."

Well, here's the cool thing...

I’m going to take your questions live during our work session! 
So whatever challenge you're facing, 
you get to ask me how you should handle it.

"But Jim, I'm super busy!"

No problem.

If you sign up but can't attend live, not only will you get the recording, you'll ALSO get free lifetime access to the materials so you can go back and do this anytime you want.

Now, here's one more catch.
Catch #3

There are only 25 8 spots available. 

In order to make this as impactful as possible for you, 
I have to limit attendance.

I wish I could accept more 
but for it to work, I have to keep the group size small.

Not convinced?

I also have a few bonuses for you…


Exclusive invitation to attend a live mastermind call 
with my inner circle clients. 

Access to a training session for my inner circle clients 
with a 4x Olympian. 

110% Money-Back Guarantee: 
If you don't feel like you received at least DOUBLE the value that you paid, I will refund you 100% of your money... and then some!

Claim Your Spot!  
(only 25 8 available)

My question to you is this…

What possibly could stop you from making this small commitment that will change your life?

This small investment to make a change in your life.
To finally learn the system that world-class performers use to get results?

Let’s get to work.

Claim your spot. 

Remember, there are only 25 8 spots. 
I’ll see you in the work session.

Guaranteed to give you 
the clarity you need 
to have a breakthrough year 
in 2022!

Don't take my word for it...

Here's What My Clients Want You to Know...

Too busy? 

"Then you aren't serious 
about making a change."

I can do this myself.

"You can try, but anyone who says they are a self-made man is ignoring the help he had along the way."

Don't want to spend the money?

"For me the fact was that 
I couldn't afford not to."

-John Lyons
Senior Engineer
Scranton, PA
Too busy? 

 "I am accomplishing more on a daily basis than ever before."

I can do this myself.

"Even Michael Jordan needed a coach and someone in his life to hold him to a higher standard."

Don't want to spend the money?

"I would pay double 
to be where I am today."  

-Eric Albright
Financial Advisor
York, PA


  • When is it:
    Thursday, December 30 from 10-noon (US Eastern). 
  • What if I don't feel like I got my money's worth:
    No problem. I'm actually offering a 110% money-back guarantee if you don't feel like you got DOUBLE the value that you paid!
  • ​​Why is the price so low?
    I'd like to say that I simply have a big heart but alas, I have bills to pay so there's a catch. If I can prove to you that spending $47 gets you amazing value then you just might want more coaching. So, the pressure is on me to over-deliver.
  • Why only 25 people?
    In order for me to provide the best experience possible, I have to keep this small. If I can blow you away, then you get results (and may want more coaching)!

After Learning The EXACT Framework I'm Going to Teach You, Here's What My Clients Have Said...

“This has been life-changing. And it happened fast. It was almost instantaneous that things started to click.“ 

-Matt Thomas
Charlottesville, VA

“I’m shattering the goals I’ve set for myself already. I feel pretty much unstoppable. Every aspect of my life has been affected positively.”

-Neal Ewers
Executive Director
Toronto, Ont

"THIS is the formula! 
THIS is what it takes to be better."

-Alex Uhre
Sales Executive
Boston, MA

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